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Why I'm Running for Re-Election


  As a current school board member running for re-election, the number one question people ask me is “why are you running?”

  The answer is simple. I ran on a "platform of progress" which highlighted student safety, prioritizing student achievement, empowering teachers and employees, transparency, parental access, rebuilding trust, equity/equality for all and fiscal responsibility. And while I've been successful in honoring this platform for the last three years, there is still more work to be done!

 Since being elected to the Hillsborough County School Board in 2020, I worked extremely hard to make both District 3, and Hillsborough County, the best place to educate our children. Here are just a few of my accomplishments:


  • Championing our first public Montessori program at Essrig Elementary, which opened in 2023.

  • Supporting, the conversion of Carrollwood Elementary to a K-8 model.

  • Advancing the Cambridge AICE program into District 3 Middle Schools.

  • Working as a liaison between the MPO and HCPS to secure the Electric Bus Grant

  • Reviving our STEM Hubs in New Tampa.

  • Working across the aisle to build successful relationships with my fellow board members.

  • Advocating for better working conditions, & livable wages, for all of employees.

  • Updating our "Excused Absences" policy to include the "Diwali" as a holiday.

  • Focusing on fiscal responsibility which has resulted in no operating deficits, an upgraded credit rating and a 20% reserve fund.

  • Advocating for bringing a reading program (DIBBLES) to Hillsborough County Schools that could test all students for reading disabilities universally. 


  Here are just a handful of initiatives that I'm still working on:

  • Bringing IB programs to North Hillsborough.

  • Opening two additional Montessori programs in District 3.

  • Expanding our “community” Schools. 

  • Creating a "Student Driven" Board policy competition. 

  • Bringing back full competitive football back to our middle schools.

  • Expanding Lacrosse accessibility. 

  • Focus on supporting our "high needs" transformation schools with additional wrap around services.

  • Creating "round table" opportunities for our employees to express their needs in safe, supportive, and collaborative environment.

  • Creating a Parent led ESE taskforce.


  However, in order to finish this important work, and to maintain the stability we've created on the school board and in our district, I need your vote on August 20, 2024! Tell your friends, colleagues and neighbors to VOTE4VAUGHN!

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